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8 Tips For Designing Logos That Don’t Drench You

Assisting a brand in capturing its personality and standing out in the market takes a lot of precise research and iteration of the design. To any average person, designing logos seems like an effortless task which means that just putting a small circle, rectangle or any other shape and write the brand name on it. But of course, as a business entity, it's not easy at all. It takes much efforts and sweat to create a unique identity for the business through best logo design services.

Being a newbie in the logo designing field, it may be possible for you as an entrepreneur to face a tough time in designing a perfect logo for your business.

Below are the six tips for designing logos that don't drench you away:

1.  Playing with viewers mind

To create out of the box business logos, it would be of great effect if your logo has some elements of deception that interests the viewers and they find it amazing and fun-filled while viewing the logo design. Create some surprise that people will see amusing after revealing some hidden figure in the logo.

2. Wise use of colors

Colors are the most powerful element when it comes to logo design. They contain the capacity of provoking the emotions. Hence, they must be incorporated into the logo design a way that they convey your business message. On the other hand, be very careful of not falling into the trap of overusing the color palette as it will create chaos in the viewers’ minds.

3. Avoid use of cliché images

Never use the images that are available easily anywhere on the web. This is so because these pictures result in making your business logos look clichéd designs. This also applies to logo design trends that can lead to a failure if you structure your logo as per the directions on the market. The best solution to avoid this hurdle, take the assistance of the top-notch branding company that masters over logo designing.

4. Creation of unique and recognizable logos

Instead of going for clichéd business logos, try to create something that is people can recognize and keep in memory for a long time. If you are forced in for using a clichéd image, you should tweak it a bit to make it look fresh and unique that gives your logo an everlasting impression in the minds of the viewers.

5. Custom lettering

Free font styles are available on the net in plenty of amounts, it is still advisable for you to customize fonts that suit and relate to your business needs of custom logo design. Instead of relying heavily on the internet, try to create a font by taking the benefits of professional logo design for using it in your logo.

6. Ensuring proportion and symmetry

Your business logo must be a work that proves to be right on the standards of proportion and symmetry. To do that take help from modern logo designers for creating well-balanced logos.

7. Exploration of negative space

Negative space refers to the hidden area between two elements in a logo design. This negative space can be used to create a figure that spreads out your business message.

For example:

The arrow design inside the FedEx logo is the clever use of negative space to deliver a message of quick services of the company.

8. Add elements of motion

Your business logo will have a great fan following if it has elements of motion and action. Elements in motion evoke a sense of buying in the minds of viewers.

For example:

The Twitter logo has the bird is taking flight.

All the above mentioned 8 tips are the proven tips for designing a logo that creates its place in the market letting the company have a reputation for which it is known. These are essential because the logo is the most vital element when we talk about the marketing of products and services of any company. Custom logo design companies are the saviors of any firm to fulfill its classic logo design for its business.

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